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Personal drawing part of my Sketchbooks, you can see more here.

TomboyX & CP + B

"Be Individual Together" - Artwork made for TomboyX campaign curated by CP + B. The campaign focuses in changing the conversation around women's underwear while challenging assumptions.

The Debrief

Illustration made for The Debrief UK accompanying an article about Mysophonia; "hatred of sound," is a putative disorder of uncertain classification in which negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds (Wikipedia).


Ongoing personal project using gifs as representations and metaphors for feelings such as feeling under pressure, resistance, fear, imobility etc. You can see more here.

Secret 7 - 2016

Illustration made for the Etta James'At Last track. "At Last my love has come along, my lonely days are over and life is like a song" made me think of a woman finally reunited with the only one she loves.

Portrait of Megan Smith for Lennyletter

Portrait of the chief technology officer of the United States Megan Smith made for Lenny Letter to accompany an interview conducted by Gillian Jacobs.

In Shades Magazine

Illustration made for In Shades Magazine accompanying Syntax of Love, a short story about two people falling in love in a bookshop. Written by Kinga Elwira Cybulska. (Acrylics on paper)

Abul Mogard

Artwork for Abul Mogard's Works album released by Ecstatic Recordings on Boomkat. Includes a 12 x 12” insert. (Monoprint on News print)

The Debrief

Illustration made for The Debrief UK accompanying an article about millenials and why their life style resembles that of pensioners.

The Debrief

Illustration commissioned for UK lifestile publication The Debrief. It accompannies a piece on how to become a Yoga Goddess even for the ones that never tried. (Acrylics on paper).

The Debrief

Illustration commisioned by The Debrief UK accompanying an article where the writer explores what it's like to find herself on tinder at the same time as her mother.(Acrylics on paper)

The Debrief

Sex Workers at Christmas. Illustration made for The Debrief accompanying an article about the reality of being a Sex Worker on Christmas time. (Acrylics and ink on paper)

The Debrief

Illustration made for The Debrief accompanying an article about millennials and the difficulty in choosing between too many options. (Acrylics and ink on paper)

Belly Kids

The Mona Pizza Cook Book

Illustration made for a cook book recipe released by Belly Kids. (Acrylics on paper)

Shellsuit Zombie Magazine
Issue 6

I still don't know what I am doing

Illustration made for Shellsuit Zombie issue Issue 6. On this issue ShellSuit Zombie "explores what it means to try, succeed, fail, laugh, cry, have an existential crisis or two and then figure out what just happened." (Acrylics and ink on paper)

Equalitea Zine

Illustration made for Equalitea, a feminist collaborative zine.